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Where is the seed and how do I harvest a seed from the Clerodendrum Ugandense?



Seed is formed as berries on the plant.

5 May, 2012


Seed on C.ugandense is actually formed in dry seed pods. The pods will appear where the flowers were if there has been successful pollination. I've only ever had two seed pods form on my plant here in the UK.

However, if you want to propagate your plant then it is super easy to do from cuttings. Simply take a fresh green shoot, bruise the base of the cutting slightly with the back of a spoon and place it in a bottle of water in a warm spot with lots of light and it will form a good root system in a few weeks to pot up.

6 May, 2012


Does that mean the berries have no seed in them, then Meanie? I'm having trouble seeing the point of producing berries if they're not a seed case...

6 May, 2012


Mine has not produced berries, just pods Bamboo...........

6 May, 2012


Well, now I'm even more confused - RHS info says that this plant produces seed pods which look like berries, which turn blue when they're ripe.

7 May, 2012


Ahhh - Clerodendrum trichotomum? The hardy Clerodendrum that suckers like b*gg3ry!!! That does indeed produce blue berries.

C.ugandense is really tender and one of my favourite plants. If it produces seeds I'll post a photo.
Meanwhile, here are my photos of it............

7 May, 2012


No, I mean C. ugandense - had a look at your pics (what a pretty plant it is) and the obvious seed pod in the first pic is actually called a berry. Presumably yours don't ever turn blue. Mind you, when they say blue, what they mean is blackish, in reality, they don't seem to look properly blue.

7 May, 2012


I guess that it's just an issue of definition - fleshless and dry berries or seed pods!! Certainly don't turn anything like blue!!

Do you want a cutting?

7 May, 2012


Ooh, yes please - does it come true from seed it produces as well? I'll PM you...

7 May, 2012

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