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Can anyone ID this 2/3 headed narcissus, please?
It has been a winner. It is going past now but has flowered for two months through rain, snow, frost and wind. I would like to be able get more of these.




Hope someone can Oji . . . I have it too!

6 May, 2012


The flowers are a bit far over to i.d. easily what colour is the trumpet and is it longer or shorter than the perianth? It is a Divisiob 5 Triandrus, it 'might' be Ice Wings which is fairly common try googling images of that and see it this is what you bulb looked like before it went over.

6 May, 2012


Thanks for your help, MG. I've had a good trawl now and you are right about it being in the Div. 5 Triandrus and having looked at lots and lots of photos, I now think it may be 'Thalia', because it is a slightly creamier white than 'Ice Wings' and the petals on my one are only very slightly reflexed.

6 May, 2012



6 May, 2012


Well I never - I nearly suggested Thalia because I bought some once. but thought they were the "others" in our garden! Nice scent?

6 May, 2012


just seen this now 8.08 and i thought thalia and as i scrolled down you have found it your self.:)
i have apot of them on the pond wall and i planted the others under the beech tree. brilliant plants.

6 May, 2012

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