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I have grown tomatoes from seed in the greenhouse. They have grown very well and have some flowers. Will it be OK to plant them out now in an unheated grow house? I live in the South East.



This is a difficult one to answer as even the weather men can't get it right.

Personally I think it is a bit risky yet I usually work on mid / end of May.

Have you any idea when you get your last frost in your area?

I have looked at my frost chart and I would say normally it would be around now in your area,but with the weather we have been having of late I think I would wait at least another week yet.

Ultimately the decision is yours!

If you have some additional means of protecting them if frost is forecast then it might be OK to plant them now.

But as I said; it's up to you....Tg

6 May, 2012


Thank you Bilbobaggins and Teegee. I will wait a while.
I have gardener's Delight and Tomatoberry.
I will spend the next couple of weeks gradually hardening them off and then finally plant them. I am just being impatient. I will put them in growbags and I am using double ring pots on top of the growbags to give extra room for root development. All of this will stand in a green plastic growhouse.
These tomatoes should taste good as they are being lavished with loving care and attention.

7 May, 2012


If they catch a chill it will stop them growing for weeks which would be so disappointing for you, I,m in the midlands with an exposed garden so never plant out, but at the moment am wary of even the cold gh, we,ve had frost the last three nights although by 7am its gone from the grass

7 May, 2012

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