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Roscommon, Ireland Ie

I have cut back my lambs ear to the ground about 5 weeks ago, it has not recovered and started growing yet. Is there anything I can do to help it recover. I always thought lambs ear was very reselient.



Resilient yes but cutting them down to the ground in early spring is pushing even the most resilient plant. You have removed all the newly grown foliage and the plant may, or may not, grow more.

11 May, 2012


Thanks fro that information. Think I have destroyed them.

11 May, 2012


Leave the root in the ground it may come back. Time to tidy them up is late autumn when you can remove that years growth if it is looking scruffy.

11 May, 2012


Thanks Moon growe, will do that, I read on web that the time to cut back was spring. Lesson learned. Thank You

12 May, 2012


Not all the info you find on the web is accurate unfortunately.

12 May, 2012

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