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By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

HELP, Am I going mad or are strange things happening to my Wisteria there are lots of flowers blooming but no leaves!!!!!! is this what normally happens but I just havent noticed before as I thought it was leaves first, flowers second



No - some years you just get flowers first, followed by leaves, or the leaves are just starting at the same time - other times you get the leaves opening and flowers opening together. If this hasn't happened before, it might be wise to check the plant to make sure there are leaf buds present though...

11 May, 2012


We almost always get loads of blossom followed by the leaves, but this year we have had both arriving at the same time - or rather the cold snap stopped the blossom in its tracks, and the leaves came out and overtook them. Funny b****rs, wisterias! I'm sure the leaves will arrive safely.

11 May, 2012


Have just spotted some leaves, but thanks for your replies.

11 May, 2012


Told you!!!!!

11 May, 2012


clever you

13 May, 2012


Nah, it's just me being big-headed and smug :o)

13 May, 2012


GOYers are not big-headed just very knowledgeable, thank goodness!

15 May, 2012

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