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By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Lilac problem
I'm a bit concerned about our Lilac which is about three years old and last year it flowered like a good un and was covered with beautiful flower. Its growing close to an east facing wall and this year put on plenty of new growth.
Now it is showing signs of distress as although all the branches produced lovely fat new buds, about 50% of them have dried up and died.
I would appreciate opinions as to the cause of the set-back from our lovely experts.




Can't help much but my first thought would be to cut out the dead wood and see if any more die off . By then someone else might have bloged you an answer.Good luck

11 May, 2012


How cold a winter did you have in Cambridgeshire, Bernard? At least what growth and blooms it has got look good and healthy. What a beautiful, vibrant colour, too. I'd second Swanky and cut off the dead branches - if nothing else it should encourage the healthy bits.

11 May, 2012


Being next to the wall, and all the dry weather we've had for the past year or so makes me think it struggled to find enough water, I,d do as the others say and tidy it up after flowering, give it a feed and make sure this summer it gets plenty of water, it can be very dry next to the house wall

12 May, 2012

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