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summer jasmine outdoor easterly facing turned brown


By Seanin

London, United Kingdom Gb

thank you for your answers with regard to my easterly facing outdoor summer jasmine which has turned brown,but could anyone tell me how i might revive the poor thing thank you for taking the time to read this



Could it have been caught by the frost, I'm in the midlands and we have had them for the last few nights

13 May, 2012


My Goodness, Seanin, what have you been saying to it? Seriously, though, I think a combination of not just cold, but damp at the same time will affect it quite badly, especially if there has already been warmish weather and it thinks it's Spring! Welcome to Goy, by the way!

13 May, 2012


I agree with the possibility of frost damage and this coupled with it facing east, may have aggravated the situation.

What might have happened is; the early morning sun shining on frosted foliage may have ruptured the leaves by thawing the frost too rapidly.

This could cause the leaves to turn brown and die off!

13 May, 2012


I would not give up on it yet, I have 3 clotted cream jasmines and the same happened to me, I cut all the brown leaves off and left the stems as I only planted them last year, they have produced new leaves and is now flourishing.

13 May, 2012

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