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I purchased these hosta's from Malvern Flower Show yesterday..Can I put them into bigger pots now or do they look ok for this year in these ? I do just want them in pots and not in the ground.Thanks




You can pot them up now if you want. I find that slug attacks are very rare if they are potted in zinc pots. It also sets them off very well, so you may want to use them rather than terracotta or plastic.

13 May, 2012


thankyou Kildermorie :)

13 May, 2012


You lucky thing, being able to go to big flower shows like Malvern. I hope the weather was better for you than it was on Gardeners' World on Friday - it looked horrendously cold, wet and windy! I have nudged my way into your question Kate, because I have a couple of hostas in pots, too, so am interested to know the answer! Sorry!

13 May, 2012


oh thats ok Gattina nudge away..and yes the weather was glorious yesterday it was very busy though :)

13 May, 2012


Have you seen Stick's blog re malvern......its great!

I,d pot them up as Kilder says,
I think they dobetter in bigger pots,they don,t dry out as quickly

13 May, 2012


oh no I havent Pam I will have a look..and yes I am going to pot them up..thanks :)

14 May, 2012

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