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Could anyone advise about watering orchids please? I am looking after my neighbour's garden while she is away for 2 weeks but she didn't say anything about her orchids which are in the bathroom. Heating is off. I picked up a couple of the pots, one seemed very light though the other I thought was ok. There is a big jug of water in the bathroom - would it be distilled or anything? Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about orchids. They are in clear plastic pots in a large tray by the window. The tray has stones in it and a metal grill over the top of them, on which the orchid pots are sitting. I would be grateful for any advice - I'd hate to kill them!



I normally water my orchids when pots are light or if the roots are white.

I just use tap water for mine and they are ok and feed once a month.

How long will your neighbour be away.

Just give a little tepid water but never let orchids sit in water.

13 May, 2012


I'm no expert but the wife seems to have that department under control( she looks after the inside I look aft the outside)

Regarding the weight of the pots they are generally quite light in the first place as they don't actually contain soil/ soilless composts.

Regarding watering; she waters all her plants once a week by sitting them in shallow bowls of water(tap) for up to half an hour each, then she leaves them to drain off on the draining board.

She feeds them generally once a month,unless they are in flower then she feeds them weekly.

But I would suggest you do not feed your neighbours plants as she may have her own regime for doing this.

13 May, 2012


Thank you. It doesn't sound as though they need watering very often then. I'll just keep an eye on them.

13 May, 2012


my gran has a friend who shows orchids and she only gives them a tablespoon of water a week.

they hardly need water. just a general mist if they look abit down.

13 May, 2012


Thank you all! I think I may just leave well alone. I certainly wouldn't try feeding the orchids ( what with?!)and it doesn't sound as though they need much water. And it's not what you'd call tropical here - we had frost last night!

13 May, 2012

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