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I have a Robinia in my garden which I planted in 2000. I am wondering if it should be in full leaf by now - because it most definitely isn't! There are just a few branches with leaflets on and the rest of the tree is bare. This is not how I remember it from previous years and the fact that these few, small areas of leaves are spread over the tree, from main trunk to tips of highest branches gives me cause for concern. Can anybody help? Thanks.

On plant Robinia Pseudoacacia 'Frisia'



It might just be the vagaries of the weather this year - the wisteria here was in full flower by middle of April last year - this year, its barely getting started, with one or two open, a few half hearted leaves just beginning to show and lots of dangling unopened flowers which now may never open. Inspect the tree all over, or as far as you can, including the trunk, branches and stems, for signs of infection, disease or infestation.

13 May, 2012


My own is also just starting to show the yellow leaves breaking, although over nearly all of the tree.I always find we are well into June before it looks fully covered in leaf and also most years a branch or two doesnt get going at all and needs pruned off.

13 May, 2012


Hi, i had a robinia for 9 years and Im afraid it totally died, it looked sickly the year before and i did quite a bit of research and even the RHS were apparently looking into it because lots of them have died across the country, i lost mine in 2009, mine also died back in places but still seemed alive when i scratched the trunk, theres also quite a few related questions at the side of this page if you havent noticed already, sorry to bear bad news and i really hope that yours is ok. I also noticed someone down the road from me has had to cut theirs right back, regards.

13 May, 2012


I was wondering about that, Bamboo, but it's the fact that there are some reasonably well-developed leaves in some parts and nothing on the rest of the tree. Not easy to inspect all over - it's almost 20ft high and no branches below about 7 feet! Suspect I shall just have to wait and see. I'm hoping these are the "advance party" and the rest of the tree will follow in due course.

Dgw, I was probably more than a little thrown by our camelia, which usually flowers late March trough to May - it started on 24th November and was still flowering on 20th April!!! Maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself, but I thought that in the south (Bristol) it usually came into leaf just after our Judas tree, which is doing well.

Daylily - I have looked at related questions but these are from 2009. One does suggest fertilizer, so may try that. :-)

13 May, 2012


Daylily's reference to problems with Robinia is accurate though- many die or become sickly, with this new problem starting about 4 years ago. I know the RHS was trying to decide what the problem was, but I'm not sure they've come up with a definitive answer. Yours may have succumbed to whatever it is, but, as you say, only time will tell. Feeding any sickly plant is always a good idea, so worth a try.

14 May, 2012

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