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Are little poly-tunnels worth it?

I've got a couple of little plastic closh/poly-tunnels for my new veg patch. They were a pound in pound-land, so I thought I'd give them a try.

Are they really worth using? With a big hole in the ends I can't imagine they keep much heat in, they stop the rain getting to the plants and make it awkward for me to to water them.

I suppose they provide shelter from heavy rain, but I'd like some opinions around whether they're worth it for my little veg patch.





I would say Yes!

Like you say they offer some protection from the elements!

Regarding heat; They are not designed for heat as such, they are just designed to keep the temperature a little warmer than the outside temperature.

If the open ends are a problem get a pane/s of glass of a width and height to cover the opening and this will increase the warmth substantially and you can remove it/them easily for ventilation purposes when conditions get too warm.

In plant terms; this increase in temperature although small in human terms, can be quite substantial in plant terms.

Think of it this way; The current Global Warming/ Climate change issue is causing great concern across the world, and they are only talking in terms of temperatures of 5°-6°C so I am sure the few degree increase your cloches are producing won't be the end of the world! ;o))

14 May, 2012


Or, instead of glass at the ends, use a plastic bag and skewer it through down each vertical side with a stick and push the sticks into the ground (does that make sense?!).

14 May, 2012


Personally I think the tiny polytunnels are more hassle than they are worth, cloches are a different matter as you can lift them up.

14 May, 2012


I got rid of the plastic on my Haxnicks cloches, but kept the wire supports, covering them with new green mesh which is much better.

14 May, 2012


That could work Diane

15 May, 2012

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