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By Jaykaty

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

This is a picture of my Lunaria rediviva last year. This year its only half the size with just a couple of flowers although the plant looks healthy. I live in the South East and we had very little rain during last summer and autumn. I wonder if this is why it hasn't done so well or whether it should be divided. I grew it from seed and its about 5 years old. Any advice would be appreciated.




It's just the weather conditions this year, I'm sure. Our wisteria here was in full and glorious flower by mid April last year - this year most are still yet to open, there are fewer, and it looks pretty sad, with most branches still leafless. It was hot in March, and wintry in April, and as for now, well, need I say more. I'm still wearing my winter trackie bottoms, so I'm sure my plants out there are shivering and not doing as well as last year too. Nothing you can do about the weather...
That said, this is a shortlived perennial plant, so it would be wise to collect any seed produced for raising replacements.

15 May, 2012


Thanks for the reassurance Bamboo, I was hoping it was the weather causing the problem, at least its getting plenty of rain now!

15 May, 2012

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