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How to send photos to grows on you as the don't have email address



You don't send them to GoY. When you ask a question or write a blog you are given the option to add photos to this. When you go into Garden Questions the following text appears:

"Whatever your gardening question, feel free to ask - our members are ready to help!

Ask your gardening question"

Then there is a box which you type in bottom right of that are the words: Add a photo - click on that and you can add one or more photos to your questions.

Blogs work in a similar way but the 'add photo' button is outwith the area you type in

16 May, 2012


There are a few other things on Goy that you might miss if you don't scroll down far enough CB. ABC(Goypaedia) at the bottom of the screen can be missed. You may miss that your Avatar may proceed through a panel, along with other members avatars, over a period of time.

17 May, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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