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can jeyes fluid be used as a weedkiller ? and if so what is the fluid to water ratio ?



Hi ,I have never used it but I think it should be ok to try it on a small area first, good luck....

16 May, 2012


No it can't be used as a weed killer it will totally destroy all the organisms in the soil! You need most of them to ensure you have a fertile soil e.g. worms...

16 May, 2012


Maybe jbwestberry wants to use it on a path or patio or driveway moon grower ???

17 May, 2012


Maybe he does but he doesn't state this and on a path there are far better weedkillers than jeyes fluid which is a disinfectant.

17 May, 2012


MG is quite right. Jeyes is not only an herbicide but an insecticide as well. A few years ago it was made illegal to use it as either. I doubt if you will get caught but if you want to stick to the law then don't use it at all for this purpose.

17 May, 2012

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