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What are these trees? Both grew from seeds from an unknown source. The first is very ash like but has reddish stems. It is growing straight and tall but has new shoots coming from the base, rather than suckering.
The second, which I decided some years ago was a Manna Ash, on account of its plumes of big fluffy white flowers, is probably NOT, but it suckers profusely. It has been killed back a bit in the winter. It grows more like a spreading bush or shrub than a tree.

Ashmaybe Mannaash



Hi Bertie I,ve been puzzling over the first one....could it be Rhus typhina .....the stagshorn sumach

17 May, 2012


The first could be some kind of Robinia or acacia. Does it have thorns on ?

The second could possibly be a manna ash...Fraxinus Orna ? one of my favourite trees.

17 May, 2012


The first one isn't Rhus typhina, as I know this well as it's grown a lot round her, but it's much more delicate foliage and woodier stems. I'm growing Robinia from seed and it's not that either. There are no thorns. I'll try to get a better photo with a close up of the foliage.
Perhaps the second one IS a manna ash after all. I'll wait till it flowers and then send a picture which would make it clearer.
Thanks for the thoughts on this so far.

17 May, 2012


Further update. Was at a plant sale yesterday and there I saw the second plant that I thought might have been some sort of Manna Ash because of the white flowers. Apparently it is Sorbaria sorbifolia, the false Spirea, a shrub.

3 Jun, 2012

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