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What are these Fuchias are they hardy do I prune them they were in flower until late november its their 3rd year in my garden dont think they looked like this last spring .

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Were they new plants when you put them in last spring? If they were late in flowering and have been in the garden all winter, I would think they're probably hardy ones. They do start off slowly from the centre, then gradually all the branches grow leaves on them. I normally leave them until there's lots of leaves on them, then lightly prune the bare 'sticks' off the ends of the branches. It works for me!! I've got two different hardy ones which have been in the garden at least ten years now and both keep on flowering well into the winter months.

17 May, 2012


They're all hardy if they've been in 3 years - all are showing signs of growth now.
They've not been like this in the previous two springs because its much colder this year, so they're not getting going properly.
The bottom one looks like Fuchsia genii, the middle might be F. magellenica, and the top one, hard to say at this stage. Cut back all to where the growth is strongest.
In cold years, Fuchsias are often killed back to the ground and some schools of thought suggest you get better growth if you prune them down to the ground as growth begins anyway. However, as its May and not end of March, I'd just, as I said, cut back to where growth is strongest, removing all wispy, thin and dead shoots as well.

17 May, 2012


Thank you both you really have answered my ?
I know now what to do they are really pretty when in full bloom I love the one you think is called genil .

17 May, 2012


Mine nearly always die right back and I leave the branches on until new growth shows and then cut them back almost to the ground. They have always grown up well and strong.

This mild winter the branches didn't die and came into leaf too early - the frost got them and they died back in March! so they were cut down then as usual and they are now growing strongly. I think you get a better greener bush this way, except with magellanica which is probably better left.

Genii has much yellower leaves than the others and quite small flowers if that helps to confirm that's what you have.

17 May, 2012


I have several fuchsias dotted about the garden(essex).I always take them back to near the ground as new growth is seen. As much to save facial injury as any other reason. They seldom make leaf up the stems as your shrubs are showing leaf. They bloom in their own timings, mostly down to where they are placed in the garden. They can be very straggly and get too large if I l don't cut them back.

18 May, 2012


Thanks for all your advice I will put a pic on when they look better , I think one is a Genil from what you say .

18 May, 2012

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