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Hello All,
There is a 3ft wall between me & my neighbour but he has always had fence panels his side so we had privacy last high winds blew them down it's not the first time it's a bit of a wind tunnel ,but he is not replacing them this time .So I want to screen his garden from mine so what do I put there it's patio so I thought bamboo's in pots but will they like the winds and how expensive would they be It's about 10ft length to screen and I would like the height about 6ft .and I want it done like yesterday (impatient )don't know what else to think of i know it will be costly what ever goes there fencing ,wood, etc .
Help Please he is a grumpy neighbour !!



I assume the high winds you experience are westerlies, given where Neath is situated? Or are they often from a colder direction (North or East?) Are you close enough to the sea to suffer from salt spray, or precisely how far from the sea are you?

18 May, 2012


We,ve had bamboos in big pots toppled by high winds I would think planted would be safer but would still need maintenance bothsides.....

18 May, 2012


And despite the "sound of them rustling in the breeze" brigade, Bamboos actually do not like wind. It tears their foliage to shreds and leaves them looking very tatty and brown. I know, we have Bamboo and this is a windy garden.

18 May, 2012


I thinkit could become unmanageable as the roots send up shoots all over the place, how about woven willow panels with pretty shrubs in front

18 May, 2012


Thanks All,
The winds come from the north east and I am about 8mls from the sea , I was seriously considering willow panels . and have just seen Terratoonie's 2009 blog about fencing and the messages about neighbours and fences so I'm not alone with this privacy thing. so will keep thinking .

18 May, 2012


can u not fix some 6 foot posts to your side of the wall, then put 2 cross rails to them and close board 3foot on top of the wall to achieve your 6foot high privacy

18 May, 2012


I agree with Kev. When a past neighbour, in a previous house took a fence down next to our patio, while we were on holiday, we just built a high wall with fancy blocks on top, to return the privacy taken away from us without warning. Still remained on speaking terms when all the fuss died down.

19 May, 2012


Thanks All good suggestions .

20 May, 2012

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