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water lillie


By Fowler

United Kingdom Gb

I bought a water lillie last year but it has not flowered ,was put into pond last may every time it got a few leaves on it they died, is there any plant food i could use or has anyone got any other advice please. thanks



Is it in a water type basket weighed down? I think they need to be submerged deeply in water, don't they? From 50cm to 3m? Perhaps you could change the soil with a richer compost? Also, is there enough sunlight getting to it, as it does like full sun? Hth?

29 Apr, 2009


We built a 2nd pond last year. The 1st pond has Koi and water lilies - they do not mix! The Koi love to feast upon the leaves, leaving them looking very tatty indeed. The new pond has goldfish and sherbunkins and the 2 water lily plants were bought from B & Q for about £5 each. As soon as they were put in (deeply) they started to grow and we had flowers on both of them in no time at all. They're both showing signs of good growth at the moment with lots of new leaves forming. They're in baskets, they came with a small bag of 'clay' pellets which disintegrate over time leaving the lilies well rooted in the baskets. We didn't take them out over the winter and they've had no special treatment since, we're looking good for the same level of success we had last year. B & Q have them on sale again this year, 2 for £10, theyre £25 from the Aquatic shop!

30 Apr, 2009


purchase some waterlily food hun, we still need to feed them.

30 Apr, 2009

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