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By Bjs

Bristol UK, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone help with the name of this fern,picture shows the new fronds opening as of today,I have Martin Rickard's book but not been ably to identify it from that.




I know how you feel. I have 14 different ferns and it was a nightmare when I started to document them for my garden site. You really need to look at the leaf shame in detail and consider the height and colour. There is such a variation in the leaf form. Yours looks quite small but maybe it is young. I have some that are 5 feet tall.

19 May, 2012


They are tricky.
I would suggest that it is a Dryopteris though, which one is beyond me.

20 May, 2012


Hi Brian, I was just reading this comment of mine two years ago. I didn't know you very well then so I now find my comment quite amusing. The words mother and sucking eggs come to mind. :0)

12 Jan, 2015


Never really gave it much thought I may have a lot of plants but it does not make me an expert on any of them suppose the ones I know most about are the Primula family
As you know I will dabble with paints and many other things but I am not an expert. So always open to advice and suggestions
Do you know the old saying Jack of all trades master of none, that probably sums me up.
Is it very cold in Scotland today the charts seem to show a fair bit of snow around you, plants down here which end of Nov seemed very early are now back to there normal flowering time I think lack of sun and light generally.
Brian x

13 Jan, 2015


Thanks Brian. It is cold but the snow isn't lying here. The wind has been the main problem. I have been looking at the seed catalogues to cheer me up. :0)

13 Jan, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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