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i guess the question im asking which was not made very clear in my last question is is there anything i can do to bring the barberry back if at all possible



Handyman you would have been better putting this as an answer to your original question then anyone who had responded would have seen it. Please do add your comment to the original Q.

20 May, 2012


I've had a look at your first question - you're right, its not very clear. Which variety of Berberis are you talking about, how big were the plants when you got them in terms of height? I think you say they were bare root - what were the weather conditions when you planted them out? Bare root plants are only sent out in the UK from late fall through to late winter, possibly very early spring, so that they can be planted before the weather gets warm and dry. That should be the case with you too, but I'm not aware what your weather is like, so would you say the plants were supplied at the right time, or really rather late in the spring season? Please add your answer beneath this, as if you're answering your own question.

20 May, 2012

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