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By Janners

somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I have just purchased two quite small osteospermum plants which I intended putting in the flower border. I now read that they will spread a lot. Is this right? If so, how much room should I leave between them and will they spread quickly? Do slugs like them? Thank you



I have a variety of them which I mainly grow in Tubs they are the more shrubby types which I put in the cold green house over Winter to make sure I keep them, but I also have the pale lilac to white colour which is a low lying ground shrugging variety which is hardy and stays out all year around, which I have in the border, that does spread quite a bit but it is lovely in the sunshine. It likes a sunny spot I have it in the front of my shrubbery and have to trim it back when it decides to grow out over the lawn. It certainly is not a troublesome plant it just grows long shoots which lay on the surface of the ground and put down little roots, so it is easy enough to trim back. I had this particular one given me so do not have the name of it sorry, perhaps some one else will come up with further information. I see in the book that Jacundum is clump forming which spread with surface rhizomes, which could be mine, those are the types that need a bit more space.

30 Apr, 2009


I have perennial osteospermum [don't know name]. Yes they do spread quite hugely, but this takes a few years and anyway they are quite OK to be chopped back now and again. [I am not an expert!]

30 Apr, 2009


The only hardy Osteospermum, which does layer itself, and therefore spreads, is Osteospermum jucundum. You may not have bought this, as most Osteospermum in Garden Centres are not hardy, whatever the pot label says! Its colour is white on the top and lilac underneath and the flowers close up when the sun goes in. ANY other coloured flowers mean that the plant is not hardy outside in the winter. It is possible to take cuttings off the tender ones, to help keep them for following years.

So to answer your question, you need to know if it is O. jucundum. If it is, then plant about 1 - 2 feet apart.

I have learned all this from bitter experience!!!

30 Apr, 2009

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