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How old does a hawthorn have to be before it blooms?

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I have a wonderfull hedge that grows strong but never blooms. I have hopes but wonder if it ever will.
Would be gratefull for any advice or help I can recieve.



What time of the year do you clip your hedge? as it should be pruned after floweing which is in May. Hawthorn is in the group 1 Pruning, which is mainly for Plants that flower on Previous or current years growth and need minimum pruning, so I expect as it is a hedge you are cutting off the flowering shoots in keeping the hedge tidy? If you look in the Country side all the beautiful Hawthorn flower is mostly on hedges left to grow into trees. So I suggest clipping your hedge early so that this years growth is left on to flower next Spring. Good Luck

30 Apr, 2009


Thank you so much, I will make sure that I am patient with my hedge trimmer in future, I look forward to the future, I will post a piccy of it in the future for all to see. gratefull that all is not lost, as I delight in what ever will grow here on the hill. Thank you.

30 Apr, 2009

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