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how do you use top soil

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

what is the best way to use top soil



how do you use top soil

30 Apr, 2009


For what?

I bought some years ago as my garden was all clay, I mixed tons of it with sharpe sand and manure to replace tons of clay had had dug up.

If its for pots, I usualy do a mix of top soil- compost- feed-grit, and use this in my pots.

30 Apr, 2009


The question is a little 'open'. Top soil by difinition has more nutrients in it than sub soil. It may also carry live roots and seeds of plants in it (good and bad!). If you have an excess of top soil to dispose of, may I suggest posting it on your local 'Freecycle' group where there is bound to be someone wanting to come and take it off your hands. If you have been given some then keep it in quarentine, somewhere that allows light to it so that anything alove in it will show it's ugly (or pretty) head BEFORE you mix it into your existing borders. You can use it in pots too, if it is too clay, add sharpe sand and compost.

30 Apr, 2009

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