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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all please can someone tell me if root rot is the cause of this problem to my plant.The leaves look like they have been scorched and there is nothing left to the inner parts of the plant.Any help would be greatly appreciated:))))

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Not root rot but frost damage - its caught the new leaves. Is this plant by any chance Pieris 'Flaming Silver'? Because if it is, its particularly susceptible to frost damage.

21 May, 2012


It could also be wind burn, all the new growth on our pieris was burnt by the howling gales we had a week past Sunday.

21 May, 2012


Hi thankyou for your help is there any way now i can help the plant or will it just die off:)))

21 May, 2012


Is it in a pot or the ground, Mark?

21 May, 2012


Hi Bamboo it is in the ground:))))

21 May, 2012


Just clip off the dead leaves from the top, and give it a feed with something like Growmore, sprinkled on the ground around the plant, and raked or lightly turned into the soil with a fork.

21 May, 2012


Yup exactly what Bamboo has suggested

21 May, 2012


Hi Bamboo and Moon Growe thankyou so much for all your help i will certainately be doing what you have suggested.Thankyou again:))))

22 May, 2012

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