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Delphiums/Hollyhocks How Far Apart?


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Iv 3 Delphiums & 2 Hollyhocks id like to plant into agrouping container 4 two displays! but i dont know how far apart they should be planted from each other so i can get the rite size pot?Id be grateful if some 1 could give any advice they may have :D

On plant Delphinium



Well, my Delphiniums in the ground are planted about 10 inches apart and the leaves are touching now. I hope that the Hollyhocks are dwarf ones - they grow up to 8' tall in my garden! Why do you want to plant them in pots, Jacque? I would have though that they'd be top-heavy!

24 Apr, 2008


Well i lost the 1s from last year,4 some resons they stsrted 2 grow &were doing well but the frost seems to have killed them so im un sure about planting these1s out ?

24 Apr, 2008


Thanx for that Buzbee I did put loads of sharp sand around them&i seemed to work really well then they just broke off at the bottoms& never came back? Why would they break off @ground Level?

24 Apr, 2008


it was quite a dry wind proof spot my delps were planted&they only made it 2 5/6inchs high b4 the broke off :(My new 1s r a good size compard to my oold baby 1 :) so fingers crossed 4 them &hollyhocks:)

25 Apr, 2008

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