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Can you tell me what my Bramley is suffering from The other one is right next to it and seem's fine


By Kenw

From the pictures you can see the one tree has blossom and leaves the other one is very sick
I am unsure what the problem is and i am unsure how to treat the problem.Hope you can help




Oh dear that doesnt look too good..... Did it have leaves that have now died back? Is it sudden or has this happened over a period of time? Was there anything wrong with it last year? Any sign of any discharge from wounds, etc? How old is the tree? Is it new?

Sorry about all the questions - just digging for clues!

30 Apr, 2009


If it had leaves earlier this year, it could just be frost. (hopefully!)

30 Apr, 2009


The other one looks OK tho, Craftnutter.....

30 Apr, 2009


The tree is about 7 years old
There has been no previous problems
There is only a small amount of leaves around the blossom
The other one is perfect as are the other 9 fruit trees
All the trees are 3 m apart with 3 m between rows
The 2 grape vines are also fine.
It looked like all the other trees Blooming and just stopped
I thought it might have been frost but why just that tree

1 May, 2009


You're right - it's very strange. As none of the other trees are affected, we have to assume that this is not down to something in teh wider environment, such as ground water or frost or whatever. Something is affected this one tree locally, so to speak. If i were to look at it 'in person' I would examine the base of the trunk first and the surrounding grass around the tree. I would be looking for damage to the bark which might point to a). fungal infection or b). that the tree might have been ring-barked by strimming or careless mowing (sorry! lol) If nothing there, I would look at the grass and surrounding area - is there any sign of fungus, fairy-rings, etc. Is there any sign of mycellium (the bootlace like structures that are the body of a fungus. I'm thinking honey fungus in particular here.

If this examination shows nothing, then I would ask - has anything happened recently to affect the soil right here? Has the level of the soil been raised at all? Has anything been piled up near hte base of the tree that would have compacted teh soil or prevented gas exchange from teh roots? (Trees breath through their roots just below the surface).

Another question - did the whole of the canopy die at one or did one bit go and then another a week or whatever later? If the canopy died at once, then I recon it's something to do with the trunk or roots as above. If one bit died at a time, then I recon it's fungal. If it does turn out to be fungal, then I'd rip this tree out and burn it and disinfect anything used to cut it..........

Another question (sorry) but have any animals - deer, cattle or squirels been chewing on the bark at all? Again, check the base of the trunk. If damage is all teh way around, then it's been ring-barked.

Just a thought, but the tree looks small for a Bramley, which are large apple trees generally. This suggests to me that yours is grafted onto a root stock that limits its size. Graft unions sometimes fail and I wonder if that is the case here. Have a look and see if there is a graft union visible and whether it looks healthy and well put together.

1 May, 2009


Gosh, trying to work out problems with plants is a bit like being a doctor or vet, isn't it? Or should I say, Sherlock Holmes, processes of elimination! Hope you manage to get it back to health Kenw and that the rest of your trees don't get affected!

2 May, 2009

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