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Help please GOYers .I feel I need an evergreen for this spot or its going to look baron in winter as I'm planting three white roses in front of the cornus with peonies ect .My trellis holds a mortimer sackler climber but she leaves this section open.Any suggestions ? I'd thought about Garrya james roof because I think the statue would look splendid with the catkins hanging over but there may not be room ....or Viburnum tinus which is very neat .This is the last place to plan for now but it needs winter interest ! Its east facing and moist soil and gets the sun for a good five hours from early morning till around one.If I have to I can replace the cornus with euynonomous for the leaf effect like the cornus.Many Thanks :-)




Looks lovely

How about a holly lots to choose from, slow growing beries evergreen I think would look lovely in that corner
Madame Briot is a easy one the leaves are dark green with yellow margins its a good upright shrub easliy pruned and does hole itself realy well in the garden .

Personaly I think James needs more space to get the full effect plus lots of training plus would make that corner much darker


23 May, 2012


Ceanothus Southmead has beautiful dark green foliage with bursts of dense blue flowers.

I've a couple; one growing as a low bush and one that I've pruned to a column. You can pick these up in some Supermarkets for under 3 pounds and they grow quite quickly.

23 May, 2012


Sorry Gnarly its very pretty I'll admit but I'm fed up of being spiked by the holly in our hedge so nothing prickly please:-)
They do a beautiful new white ceanothus now Andip but it does get the east winds so I thought it unsuitable on that wall but i'm squeezing one in on the south west facing fence !

23 May, 2012


Changed my mind Andip I might try snow flurry and grow it as a tree ! It can only die once I suppose lol If anyone has better suggestions then let me know :-) I'm planting something as soon as possible !

23 May, 2012


You could put the garrya on the fence - the trellis might not be strong enough. We had one on a similar sized fence that was in shade quite a lot of the day and it did very well - not difficult to train.

23 May, 2012


I'm going with the garrya Steragram will let you know how it fares :-))

25 May, 2012


You'll love it. :)

25 May, 2012

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