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By Hank

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Leaf mould etc.
Early last November I vacced up all the brown leaves that came up my drive and filled a 4 ft high wheely bin.I was told I could dig them into my raised beds in 2 years or so.
Now I've been advised I should have mixed them with grass cuttings 50/50. I can do this now but is it worth it ? And should they be kept dry or watered regularly ?




if you mix grass with them they will rot quicker , depends what type of leaf some rot down quicker , what I do is put into bin bags in the Autumn give them a good soak tie them up and leave somwhere I cant see them , yes you need to keep well watered leave for 12 months.


23 May, 2012


We've never mixed grass cuttings with our dead leaves - well we couldn't - no grass! Bulba uses the resulting leaf mould in our potting compost and normally expects to be able to use after a year. Leaves mostly go into the plastic woven sacks so air and water can get in; though we also have a wooden bin for leaves, these take longer to rot down than the ones in the bag.

23 May, 2012


We chop ours up with the mower on the lawn, and then either use them direct as a mulch on poor areas or simply leave them in a heap in a corner here they rot down in about a year. We have never mixed them with lawn mowings, unless a very small amount gets mixed in when we chop them.

23 May, 2012


Better in plastic bags or sacks with holes put into the bottom, Hank - shove the leaves in, make sure they wet, or water them, tie the tops up and leave them somewhere out of sight. No grass cuttings necessary, but I found some years I had to wait 2 years to use it - after 2 years, you get a much smaller amount (per volume of leaves to bag) of rich, black 'soil'.

23 May, 2012


Thanks yet again, guys, i thought I had it right but some know-it-all had me worried, saying "surely everybody puts grass cuttings in "
But I may transfer it into black plastic bags (of which I have many) along with plenty of water.

23 May, 2012


If you do put in black plastic bags don't add to much water and do punch holes in them. You need aerobic not anaerobic rotting.

23 May, 2012


Got it thanks, M.G.

23 May, 2012


Good luck! Wonderful stuff...

24 May, 2012

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