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By Jewells

Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hello everyone , my question is this I have just been to see a garden as a potential customer. They have spent a large amount on having the garden designed and planted last year in october. Alas the local Rabbits have had a feast at their expense and have wiped out alot of the plants. What can be done to deter this happening again if anything. Also they seem to have stopped their feasting now is there a reason for this? If anyone could please give me any suggestions as how to tackle this problem please do. Many thanks jewells. Hope you are all enjoying your gardens at the moment with this lovely weather.



What a shame the gardeners did not do something about this in the first place, as plants are expensive. The only way to keep them out is with a fence of some sort. I would use chicken wire, with some going down into the soil as well, by quite a depth. Then I would either grow plants over it, and in front of it. Or you could take the more expensive route of putting up a fence.

Planting hedges on their own will not stop the rabbits coming thro'. Rabbits love fresh young plants but will leave very well established trees and hedge trunks alone. They may still nibble the lower growth tho'.

30 Apr, 2009


our pet rabbits like the young tastier/jucier growth so that might be the reason for them not nibbling any more. Fencing is about all you can do, the other suggestions are not humane.

30 Apr, 2009


as craft sais bury about 2 feet of chicken wire but make sure it goes out at 45 degrees away from your property.the rabbits will always come to the edge of the fence they can see and when they dig they will just find chicken wire or buy a jack russel and a dog flap ow and a pooper scooper lol .joking aside this is how you make an outside rabbit run to keep them in.straight down mite not work as they will keep digging down but havnt got the brains to go back 2 feet.

30 Apr, 2009


Rabbits will eat many different plants during the winter months because there is less food available, come the spring and summer they prefer to eat fresh growing shoots of grass and certain weeds, so tend to leave most other plants alone.

1 May, 2009


Do you believe in old remedies handed down? I was told this just last week (spooky) by a 96 year old. Take a couple of eggs and whisk them in water, don't know ration but I got the impression of being a watering can. Water the perimiter, especially where the rabits are entering and this is suppossed to stop them in their tracks. I was told this as we were talking about my allotment and he presumed I'd have a rabbit problem but as I don't (yet) I haven't tried this out. Maybe you could let us know if you have any success?

1 May, 2009


Let's remember this is not Jewells garden, so the owners would have to agree to fence their property with the wire at the base to prevent them digging through. As Bluespruce says the rabbits will eat shrubs and hardwood in the wintertime, but now they are breeding the rabbits have turned to grass and soft growth.

1 May, 2009


Rabbits, the bain of my life! I have had one or two tips of how to keep them away from plants. One is human hair! They don't like it and it stopped the rabbits burrowing in my flower beds. Also, I have wild garlic and they don't like the smell of that, some say shop garlic but that didn't work for me.

I also had my boundary fences wired with a strong, small holed, chicken wire, digging down at least six inches and then turning the wire away from my property to lie under the land. The rabbits automatically dig under wire so when they find wire fruther down with apparently no bottom to it, they give up.

Other than that it is finding plants and flowers that they don't eat. As to why they seem to disappear, could it be breeding seasons or, the weather, when there's plenty of food around they don't bother gardens so much.

I was also told to put dog poo down burrows, they don't like it!

5 Jun, 2009


best way to get ridd if the bugger is a twelve gauge shotgun or ferrets or beagles

21 Jul, 2009

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