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Caring for Roses


By Susi

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

My friend recently bought a house with rose bushes in the garden. She's not sure what kind they are and needs to know what time of year is best to prune them, and by how much. I can't post a picture as I don't have a computer at home!!

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If they are bush-shaped, then she can prune them down to about 10-18 inches. Also cut any dead, distorted or diseased-looking bits right out. If they are like largish shrubs, then take out all dead etc bits and cut the whole back by a third. But if they look like they have been neglected for years, then it is possible to prune them back close to the base and let them shoot again, they are tough plants! It is the ideal time to prune right now. Give them a treat by weeding around them and adding well-rotted manure or compost in a thick layer and maybe a small scatter of potash (wood ash is ok )

18 Feb, 2007


Thats great, thanks very much. I'll tell her to get pruning!

4 Mar, 2007


Hi Susi,
The advice given sounds about right! I also fork in a good dollop of bone meal around all my roses, spray them & the soil with Rose Clear 3 to take care of the dreaded blackspot.
An additional tip - to combat greenfly, plant lavender bushes near the roses, looks good & smells heavenly

5 May, 2007

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