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Hi, I am having my back garden re-vamped in a few weeks, there are some plants I would like to save.
The plants are : A Phormium, 2 Heucheras, 2 Cranesbill Geraniams, some Phlox, Lupins, Delphiniams, a Euonymous and some Aubretia.
Is it worth my while trying to dig them up and potting them? Any advice would be gratefully received.



I would say so - they cost so much to buy in the garden centers and you can always buy more to fill in the gaps. Just keep them well watered if its hot,

23 May, 2012


ok thanks Cammomile, I'll give it a go, I suppose they can do one of two things lol :))))

23 May, 2012


Just make sure you plant them properly in pots or containers and keep them well out of the way of whomever is doing the makeover of your garden.

23 May, 2012


Yep will do Moon growe, I have an area in the garden that isnt being touched, thanks for your reply :))))

23 May, 2012


I've never moved any of the others but Heucheras and Geraniums will have no problem with this. I dig them up with a reasonable sized root ball and water them straight away and they will be fine. (I usually have a quick look to see if there are bits of new growth round the edges that I can whip off and use as cuttings whilst I'm at it too. These two plants are usually really easy to take basal cuttings off and root really easily.)

23 May, 2012


ok Smorgie thank you :)

24 May, 2012

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