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tree fern

wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

hello all i would like to grow a tree fern can anyone give me some advice on caring for it i had a small one but it died think i may have over watered it, thanks



well being a furn they dont mind a little shade though they do well in full sun and in winter keep the crown at the top in the middle coverd in winter with straw ,hession etc .its not the cold its the water freezing in next years buds killing them.the stem is basicly dead with some residual roots more fore holding it upright than for feeding.its the top bit that is all importent realy.apart from that its quite hardy.

1 May, 2009


Ooooh, you'll have to get another one to make up for the first one! There is a book, if you can borrow from the library which explained how to look after tree ferns, not much different from Np's advice. It was called "How to make your garden grow" by Toby Buckland.

1 May, 2009


Have a look at my pics, some are at the bottom of this page.
Mine are planted in the garden where it is shaded and sheltered and they thrive. When the warmer weather is here I try and hose them every other day. Some in the crown some up and down the trunk and I also spray the water on the fronds. This is me mimicing the rain forest.

During the winter I stuff the crown with straw.

1 May, 2009


We really ignore our fern and let it get on with stuff - so long as it doesnt feel too dry in the middle or get frosted in the middle it has so far done ok ( We even forgot to wrap the crown in straw this last winter and ended up stuffing an old bit of rag into the centre in a panic when we realised the frost had landed)

1 May, 2009


can you do bird and animal mimacry to craft lol afer aproximatly 5 years they normaly get ussed to our weather which isnt actualy that different

1 May, 2009


if you look at tree ferns trunk,stem etc you can normaly see an obviouse differ
ance wear they were moved of the leaf stubs.youl know what i mean now when you see an etablished mite be able to blow the owner away and tell him how long hes had his fern or palms there the same.if you dont push the envelope you never realy know what you can do

1 May, 2009


Do you have one Np? Piccie?

2 May, 2009


no buti want one lol

3 May, 2009

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