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Where to put seed trays...


By Llew

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Right, I'm gonna sew some seeds this weekend. I've got toms, peppers, purple broc', red lettuce, and purple sprouts.

The toms and peppers are going to go into the cells in an unheated propogator and the other seeds will be sewn in flats. Is this OK?

Now, my main question. I've just got one of those 4 tier mini plastic greenhouses. There is one place in the garden I can put it. Sun in the morning only. So, can I put all the seed trays (and propagators) into it outside or am I better keeping them all in the house for now?

If they go outside, do I keep the thing zipped up or open sometimes or what? I've never done any of this type of thing before.

Thanks guys. :o)



cant answer about the seeds as i dont grow much veg but I will say that put 2 or three bricks on the bottom shelf of your greenhouse as they blow over very easily. I only close mine when the temp is low or when there is a cold wind blowing into it. Good air circulation is best to stop plants rotting off or getting fungal diseases

1 May, 2009


Hi Llew,
Make a seed bed in your veg plot for purple broc and purple sprouts, transplant when big enough. Sow the red lettuce thinly in a row, thin out when they are big enough. Leave the rest to mature, you may want to transplant some into another row, but not after June 1st. Sow the toms and peppers in your plastic greenhouse in single plug trays. Ventilate as necessary. By the way how is your lawn going?.

1 May, 2009


Llew the seeds should be fine in trays and propagators in the wee greenhouse but as Mageth says make sure it is well secured so it can't blow over. Happy seed sowing!

1 May, 2009


Got the bricks already, Mageth. :o)
Thanks, MG. Much appreciated.
Haven't got a veg plot Doc and no room in my little beds either, hence having to use pots.
As for the lawn, well I still have some, lol. Next day after the mega watering there was still some laying on surface, so watered again and am keeping my eye on it. The weeds do seem to be suffering but the grass looks OK. As any new dandelions come into flower, I'm picking them so they don't seed. :-)

I thought I might close the greenhouse thing, as Mageth said when windy and also at night. It is chilly here at nights still. Hope that'll be OK.

Right to off to get my sowing done before Christmas arrives, ha, ha.

1 May, 2009


Good luck Llew!

1 May, 2009


Sow your seeds in a seed tray and leave them outside (purple sprouts, purple broc and red lettuce.) they will grow slower and stronger. Make sure you break the tap roots when you plant them in your pots.

1 May, 2009


Eh? What? Break the tap root????

Never heard of that before, Doc, lol.
May I ask why?

1 May, 2009


When you break the tap roots on brassicas you produce a bigger flower head on purple broccoli, hearts on cabbage etc. left to grow in the seed bed as they are sown they grow very thinly and produce a small flower head which goes to seed quickly. As I said with red lettuce, if you transplant after June 1st. the lettuce will bolt quickly.

2 May, 2009


Well, you learn something new every day here. Thanks, Doc. I shall do that. :o)

Oh, and lots of black patches appearing on lawn today, Doc. Can't work out if it was a weed mass or the end of my grass. Oooeeerrrr!!!!!

2 May, 2009


if you have used a herbicide the black may be the moss dying off. if you havnt then it could be a type of algae which grows in shaded wet conditions

3 May, 2009


Hi Llew, the black patches are burn marks from the feed and weed, be patient as I have already said don't water in the sunlight, water heavily after the sun has gone down. Keep off the lawn and check back in about a weeks time. I hope you get some rain soon.

3 May, 2009


I gave it a good soaking again last night, Doc and I think we had a bit of rain too.

Not a wet shaded bit, Mageth. Have one tiny patch like that further back, so I know that was moss going black. :o)

Another question about my seed trays though. :o) I've got them in my mini greenhouse. Now, some of them are in unheated prop's with the lid on and they are sitting on one of those capilliary matting things. This morning the lids have loads of condensation on them and the compost is very damp indeed. I'm afraid that it's far too wet for the seeds so I've taken the lids off this morning.
What should I do? Leave lids on or off?

I've grown seeds in the past, but more messing about really. I've never done any like this with prop's and greenhouses and such.

3 May, 2009


Llew, is there a little vent in the top of your prop case, leave it open at night. Do as you are doing, leave the top off in the daytime.

3 May, 2009


No, no vent, Doc.
They weren't expensive so it's only a plastic type cover.

3 May, 2009


Can you put a piece of paper at one end of the cover so that it doesn't close completely at night, so that you won't get as much condensation.

3 May, 2009


Yep. I can do that. :o)

Yet again, Doc to the rescue.
Thanks, hun.

3 May, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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