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hi gang , can anyone reccomend a good quality strimmer line for a flymo power plus 500 i have tried lots but they all only last seconds the minute it touches anything .are the lines they sell all inferior quality ?? cheers pete



What thickness of line are you looking for Pete?

If it's 1.5mm I can recommend one that works well in my strimmer.

You need to have the right strimmer wire for the job. For example the 1.5mm wire I use works well on grass edging but would break rather quickly on nettles

24 May, 2012


thanks anchorman ,the 1 im useing at present is 1.65mm its just like soft fishing line , i have tried the 2mm & its just the same ,im replaceing it every few seconds cheers pete

25 May, 2012


hi pete i use the green line on a stihl strimmer the make is ALM i find it fairly strong and lasts a fair while good luck.

25 May, 2012


I use this one from ALM

It seems stronger than other 1.5mm lines but I only use it for grass edging so if you're doing heavier work it may not be OK.

25 May, 2012


thanks guys , i have bought the alm of ebay will try it out thanks again cheers pete

26 May, 2012


I cut and strim the edges of the lawns of 35 customers a week and i find the 1.5mm line from ALM works really well. Obviously I have to bump the line quite regularly as it wears but it rarely breaks. Usually only if I hit a thick twig or the electric cable.

I'd say it breaks no more than once or twice a week doing solely lawn edging work.

26 May, 2012


sounds good stuff anchorman thanks its on its way from ebay ha ha cheers pete

26 May, 2012

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