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Tiny black spots on Firethorn Pyracantha?

For the past 2 years the leaves have had tiny black spots on them and have dropped while still green at this time of year onwards. Very big plant up side of house. Covered in berries and flowers every year without fail. Does not get any rain where it is situated. Could this be lacking water and/or feed? We have to water with hose and feed but perhaps we need to do more! Don't want to lose it as it gives a brilliant show. ? could be age of plant.

On plant Pyracantha angustifolia (Fire Thorn)



When you say black spots, are they sooty in nature? I ask because I have a problem with scale insects which attack my pyracanthas. Then are little round jobbies that are hard to spot unless you know what you are looking for. They produce sticky stuff (their poo!) which drips down onto lower leaves. Then you get this black soot-like mould growing on it, which is much more noticable than the insects. I wonder if these are your problem? Do let us know!

25 Apr, 2008


Thanks for your response. The black spots are not of a sooty nature so don't think this is the same as your problem. Have investigated further and believe it to be Pyracantha Scab - this causes the leaves to drop at this time of the year (Info per RHS Gardening Advice website). Have cut back the infected areas as much as we can and treating with a Systhane Fungus Fighter as the RHS suggest.

Thanks again for your response.

30 Apr, 2008

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