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Seperating a large Christmas Cactus

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I have a large very old Christmas Cactus which used to belong to my Grandmother. It is now slightly to large for my flat and I would really like to split it down as it seems to be a combination of several plants in one pot. Has any one done anything similar and can you offer me some advice. I would hate to cause it any harm!




I have taken sort of cuttings by twisting 2 or 3 leaves off at their junction and planting them up in a pot. You may also see further down on some of the older 'branches' tiny 'roots' this would be a good place to twist off although you would have to take off some of the leaves at the top end.
You could always take it out of its pot and divide it as there should be plenty of root material.

1 May, 2009


I have 3 Christmas cactus plants of different colours. What I did was to get them out of their pots and cut them through the root system with a large bread knife. I then potted them up with 3 different colours per pot. It took some time for the leaves to grow but once they did I intertwined them so that the flower colours were mixed. Many people have commented on them and I have done pots for others

1 May, 2009


That sounds really attractive Miffer I never could decide which colours to go for.Problem solved !

2 May, 2009

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