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I think its time to cut foliage from daffodil bulbs..I also have tulips bulbs in pots..i would like to keep them for next year.First time I have done this could you advise me I just cut them from the very bottom and how is best to store the pots for next year? thankyou



How I do ours is to replant the bulbs somewhere in the garden and let them die back naturally. Alternatively feed the bulbs in their pots and empty them out when they die back.
Usually I start with fresh spring bulbs in the pots each autumn, I tend to leave the summer bulbs in their pots all year round but do feed them the soil in the pots is quickly exhausted of the nutrients the plants need.
I only cut the flower head off the bulb not the leaves until they are yellow/ brown.

25 May, 2012


If your daffodils finished flowering six weeks or more ago then it is fine to cut the leaves off now - though better to let them die off completely. Same with your tulips though as they are in pots they do need feeding whilst the leaves die back. then find a suitable spot in your garden and plant them there to flower next spring.

25 May, 2012


thanks for that :)

25 May, 2012


I have cut them back now..can I just carefully lift them out of the pot and store them for next year..can I do this now?

27 May, 2012


I'd put the contents of the pot in an out of the way bit of your garden, or, if you don't need the pot, put that out of the way somewhere. Bulbs do best if left in the soil - at least that is my and Bulba's experience.

27 May, 2012


Oh ok Moon growe thankyou :)

28 May, 2012

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