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how fast does the Weigela florida bush grow?

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The plants that I bought are only about 6-8 inches tall

On plant Weigela florida



Yes, a fast growing shrub. I prune mine quite hard after they have flowered and they seem to shoot back up in no time!

In my previous garden, I left one and had to prune it REALLY hard, but up it came again!

Good luck with yours.

2 May, 2009


Hi there, officially this plant is compact and takes 10-20 years to get to full maturity which is 2.5m high/spread. This tells me that it isn't tryphid type speed by any means. If your question was asked to help you position it, just bear in mind that it will take partial shade and can be hard pruned whenever it finishes flowering (end of your summer). Just 'cos a plant 'can grow that big doesn't mean you have to let it!

2 May, 2009

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