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How do I save the life of a plum tree?


By Ksmerd

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I have a self seeded plum tree in a largish pot. It appears to be pot bound as water lays on the surface of the soil. The root structure runs under the pea gravel which is on top of concrete base. Can I cut a hole in conc and plant direct in the sub soil? what about the roots if I do this?

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I would say it would be best to cut the root which is under the concrete as I don't see how you can cut a hole out the concrete. What you could then do is trim the tree after it's flowered. When your replant the tree in the ground, tease out or scrape out the roots so they are no longer wrapped round in a circle. This will encourage the roots to spread out. Don't forget to enrich the soil once you've dug the hole and keep the tree well watered until established. (usually a year)

2 May, 2009

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