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My tomato plants are being bugged!


By Sneesam

United Kingdom Gb

I have got some baby tomato plants that I have grown from seed. I noticed that they have some very small insects on them. They are light brown opaque in colour. Are they doing my baby plants any harm?



I can't identify the pest but I would say with certainty, get rid of them! Pull them off with finger and thumb. You could spray with liquid seaweed extract, as pests don't like the taste of iodine. But which is good for the plant. Then perhaps starting watering with tomorite/tomato feed. Good luck! Maybe someone else can identify the pest!

2 May, 2009


I've just read about Springtails. They are small brownish/whiteish insects that jump or spring away when disturbed. They are most common in sour and damp conditions, especially in the greenhouse in poorly drained compost, where they attack the roots and cause plants to wilt. They may be trapped on sticky fly paper laid about the plants or are easily eliminated with soft soap. Hope this is correct for you! Quoted from "Going Organic" with Bob Flowerdew!

2 May, 2009

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