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Monkey puzzle tree problem


By Timbo48

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

we movved last Oct & have inherited a 20 ft monkey puzzle tree in the front garden. In next year's growing season it will reach overhead telephone wires. Can the upward growth be curtailed without spoiling this beautiful tree?



I would sat highly unlikely, not the easiest tree to prune under any circumstances.

2 May, 2009


When I was a child, I thought that to have a monkey puzzle tree was the height of aspiration, and I always wanted one. Now, many years' on, I view them with the same disdain as Leylandii and lights on houses at Christmas - common and unnecessary, so have it chopped down!

3 May, 2009


As an afterthought: I had a problem with BT where I lived before. BT insisted that my landline problems were caused by trees interfering with the overhead wires. Albeit that the growing trees, through which the wires were intertwining, did not belong to me, I had a big battle to prove that I should not pay. I won, but do you need the hassle from BT, and maybe also from those who could be affected when the tree attacks the overhead wires?

3 May, 2009


Leone, harsh words for what is a magnificent tree in the right location, although I agree about xmas lights on peoples houses.

4 May, 2009


my mum has one which is now about 50ft or more and close to house causing lots of problems with phone wires and now burst drain, mum wont get rid of it but my brother wants it down as he owns the house and it could end up costing him alot of money for damage,

9 Jun, 2009

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