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re update brown leaves on bay tree


By Mageth

sussex, United Kingdom Gb

last month i posted a question re my bay tree leaves turning brown and dry. unfortunately no one could help but yesterday was listening to gardeners question time and a lady had the same problem. the consensus from the panel was that it was a cultural problem. the combination of repotting and cold dry winds had caused the plant to scorch together with a bit of overwatering. thought some of you would like to know




Oh! Thanks Mageth, that's interesting to know. I wish I could listen to radio, but I've lost 84% hearing, so radio listening is impossible for me. Especially since they talk so darned fast! Lol!

2 May, 2009


Thanks, Mageth. That's worth knowing.

2 May, 2009


radio 4 is usually very sedate craftnutter, but the programmes are very interesting and there is lots on natural history, gardening and stuff. Is it possible to get some sort of home loop system installed? a student at my school is partially deaf and the teachers wear a special mic which feeds into her aid

2 May, 2009


Oh ok, I'll give it a try then. It does get tiring for me to have to concentrate but a short while will be ok. Thanks for that! I do have a loop system, and it does make a huge difference. Don't think it would work on radio tho', don't know, I'll have to get hubby to try it out for me. What time etc is the gardening bit on? I'd love to give that a try. Thanks Mageth! I love learning things, I miss so much.

2 May, 2009


craftnutter-gardeners question time is on a sunday at 2 0clock radio 4 and on a friday-think its at 11. you can listen on bbc player too. If you go to the website there is a transcript of all the questions and answers under factsheets

3 May, 2009


The same thing has just happened to my baby bay, I repotted it in damp compost, fed it and then it went all brown! I was therefore wondering, did yours die, Mageth? I wish I'd left it alone, it had been fine since last year!

23 May, 2010

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