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Query on callistemon soil


By Bren


just bought a decent sized Callistemon from B&Q,it needs repotting, but absoluely full of buds,so will not be repotting for a while
I know that they are normally Ericaseous compost,but it does not say on plant label.Am I correct.,cos if I am wrong it can go in garden

On plant Callistemon citrinus



Yep, prefers acid to neutral soil, Bren. Acid is best.

2 May, 2009


I had a Calistamon (Bottle Brush) a number of years ago and it did not budge! so I moved it to a sheltered corner facing south and I have two there that flurish. We have clay soil but I would lighten the soil and mix in some ericasious to be safe, but I think the main thing is warmth and out of the wind. They are from Australia after all. It does say in the book grow in Neutral to Acid soil. Our soil is very heavy clay, but I did put a thick layer of wood chip and pine needles around them more of a mulch was my intension.

3 May, 2009


I bought the same thing from B&Q just recently. But i relised the same thing a little late about the plant and soil as am a novice to the gradening thing at least i got some information from you question here. So thank you.

Your correct the label did not have much information on it. My label stated to add bonemeal but i was adviced that the Bottle brush was not fond of it.

8 May, 2011

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