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I'm disabled and I would like advice on what shubs I can plant in a container


By Danimar

Fife, Scotland Sco

I am not experienced, and would like some advice on what I can grow in pots, preferably perenials, as sometimes I am not able to plant bedding plants



I have a 2 shrubs in pots-philadelphius belle etoile growing in a 20 inch pot. it produces white flowers with a maroon eye and is scented. also a dwarf lilac syringa microphylla which is also scented. this flowers now and the philadelphius(mock orange) in june. ensure you feed and water regularly, they shouldnt need any pruning other than to remove the flowers on the lilac. in early spring scrape off the top 2 inches of compost and replace it with fresh compost. this size pot is a good height for accessibility, if immovable except by a large hairy man(lol). I underplant my lilac with small spring bulbs and plant nastutium seeds under the mock orange. hope this helps

2 May, 2009


Danimar - there re lots of plants/shrubs you can grow in big patio pots... what sort of things interest you?

2 May, 2009


If you can get to your library, you could probably borrow a book on this, or reserve one from another library. I'm sure I've seen books on "container plants". Some plants are ok in pots as their roots don't need as much space as others do.

2 May, 2009


Loads, Danimar.

There are smaller roses that go in pots.
Bays and some of the laurels.
Blueberry bushes (in ericaceous compost) then you could eat the berries while you sunbathe, lol.

Is it shrubs or perennials you are particularly interested in? Do you want flowers or greenery?

2 May, 2009


I used to work long hours, so limited my gardening to pots. Geraniums are very easy, and can suffer drought well, as evidenced by the brilliant shows in the more arid areas of southern mainland Europe, so watering is not a problem. I always go for red, but there are many other colours, and they flower from May to the first frost, when you can bring them indoors. Then they are entitled to a short rest, and then continue to flower until ready to go outside again; don't know where they get their stamina!. It is easy to take cuttings too, so my favourite!

3 May, 2009

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