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Can anyone tell me why my pear and plum trees never fruit


By Karena

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a conference pear and victoria plum which we planted 3 years ago, they never blosom or fruit. Can anyone give me any advice as to why this should be please



Hi Karena and Welcome to GoY.

To get the best from your Conference pear tree it would be best if you had another tree close by to it as it is partly self fertilising but to get the best qty of fruit you need at least another pear tree possibly a Williams'Bon Cheriton which we have on our allotment although the Williams pear isn't a good keeper when they are harvested and go sleepy{over ripe} very quickly.Also your pear and plum tree are possibly too young being only three years old.They often don't crop until they are at least five years old and will benefit in being planted in a sunny position.

Your Victoria is also rather young and will need like the pear to be at least five years old before you start to get a decent crop.Victoria is self fertile so you should be ok for getting the flowers and the fruit if the flowers are not hit by a late frost.

You need a little more patience but in the end you should be rewarded with some fine tasting fruit from your trees.

Also please remember to give plenty of water when the ground starts to get dry and try to keep them weed free if you can....Good Luck.

PS Love the little pup in your avatar {smile}

2 May, 2009


Our plum trees are mature and the only time they don't fruit is when they get frosted whilst in blossom. Fingers crossed, this year they have not suffered frost damage and it looks like they have set :)

2 May, 2009


Thanks for your advice, patience was never a virture of mine:) My little pup is now 4 years old bless her, love her to bits.

3 May, 2009

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