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did anyone ever hear of slugs eating rhubarb before?


By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

recently bought 18 rhubarb crowns planted them all was going well went out one evening and the small plants were covered in small slugs i rescued 9 plants ie put slug pellets round them but the other 9 plants just retreated
back into the soil and havent appeared since any ideas ?



Hi! Welcome to goy!

Yep, slugs etc love new growth, they will attack rhubarb. Can I ask you to reconsider using slug pellets? They don't always work but trouble is, the birds and hedgehogs eat the slugs and they then die a slow and horrid death from the pellets ingested by the slugs. Very sad.

I have written a blog on how to deal with these molluscs if you'd like to learn other more wildlife friendly ways of dealing with them.

The crowns should recover in time but they won't give any fruit this year I shouldn't think.

3 May, 2009

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