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Is this an early wisteria flower?


By M43

United Kingdom Gb

I have had this plant for more than 10 years though it has never flowered.
Admittedly, it has been repeatedly uprooted, but it has now been in what I hope is a suitable sunny position (in Scotland!), lots of organic mulch has been used to feed it, and it has had at least 3 good prunes in the last couple of years.

These racemens (see photo) have appeared filling me with great hope, but the first few "buds" that have opened have only revealed further leaves!

Any advice greatly appreciated.




Yes That is a Wisteria, those long buds are the flowers but mine show quite bluish so perhaps you have a white one? good luck another week you should have the definite answer.

3 May, 2009


Yes it is ,ours are all out now, some are 18ins. long. I would say Wisteria time in the south.

3 May, 2009

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