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wasp decided to "lodge" in our shed

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

saw the little fellow hovering round our shed door yesterday when it was ajar---pushed the door closed thinking he would get bored and disappear---later on i went into the shed to root out swingball game for the kids and nearly had a fit when i saw a wasp nest about the size of an acorn hanging from the joint in the shed door---anyone know how to deter them or get rid without being cruel



Knock the nest off and she will go somewhere else. If you leave it there you will be pestered all summer and they will return again next year to the same place.

3 May, 2009


Yup what Dr B said knock the nest off and keep knocking it off until she gives up... we've have wasps nest in our garden several times and have always got rid of the nest as soon as we have spotted. We once had one try to nest in a bedroom - that got seriously short shrift! B. reacts badly to all insect bites and stings so wasps get a rapid good by!

3 May, 2009


They are not welcome in the shed garage or bedroom! but we had some in one of the bird boxes, and they are excellent for pollinating your french beans, will give you a good crop so don't dicourage them all together, but yes they must be sensable in choosing their habbitat

3 May, 2009

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