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Hi,I have two fences where I would like to grow some plants


By Sazips

United Kingdom Gb

I have two fences where I would like to grow some plants. Ideally I would like them to grow taller than the fence as I would like a bit more privacy. The trouble is one of them has a path directly underneath so I am thinking that wall troughs might be a good option. Does anyone know of any plants that would give the privacy but grow in planters, or do you have any other ideas that might help? One fence gets sunlight the other doesn't. Please help, I am new to gardening, thanks

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Rather than troughs why not conside forming narrow raised beds, these will give plants a better root run so increasing your choice of plants.

In terms of plant choice; I would say a range of Clematis with different flowering times, then there are roses,lonicera (Honeysuckle) Passiflora ( Passion flower) or you could grow sweet peas, Ipomea, Thunbergia, anything that climbs basically!

ps As you are new to gardening you will find cultural instructions on all of the above here;

Use the alphabetical index.

27 May, 2012


I'm slightly confused by your question, so I'm asking for more info.
When you say there's a path, do you mean there's a path next to the fence in your own garden, or on the other side?
As for the other fence, does it have a border or soil directly in front of it? How long and high is each fence? A photograph would be useful...

27 May, 2012


The path is directly underneath one of the fence in my garden so there is very little space. The other fence has soil/grass so I could dig a border there. The fences are 175cms tall. I did try and attach a photo but must of done it wrong, I think they show under my profile rather than on this feed, I will try adding again. Thank you

27 May, 2012


I don't think there would be room for a trough where the path is. Are you sure you want to go even higher than the fence? The space is so narrow it would make the garden even darker than it is. If you are quite sure then perhaps a light trellis might be a good solution? Then make a bed at the foot of the fence and plant some bright leaved evergreens. You might try the good old standby euonymus furtunii - grown in the open it makes a low bush but grown next to a fence or wall it will grow up it. Not to the top but enough to lighten the look of the fence, and it should stand the shade.
A climbing rose and/or a clematis would be nice on the sunny fence but they would need some support.

27 May, 2012


Looking at your photo's I wouldn't bother with digging up the path or planning on a trough that would make the entrance path through the gate narrow, but I would suggest a little border right of the gate. Plant a Clematis montana or a honeysuckle or a climbing well behaved climbing rambling rose, and make a small arch over the gate, (a hoop of untility pipe would help support the plants). That way you could train your climber to go both ways along the top of your fence.
You could then keep the climbers trimmed to the area you wish to have privacy in. Once you have the basis of a climbing frame of the rampant climbers, you could then add other Clematis to give you year round colour.
But no doubt someone else may come up with a better soluution.

28 May, 2012


Thank you all for your help. I think I am going to try a small border at the bottom and try to trail the climbers accross, I have brought some clematis, honeysuckle and passion flora with some trellises, so fingers crosse they take root. Thanks again for all of your responses, it is appreacisted.

28 May, 2012

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