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I am a wheelchair gardener. Which would be best for me to grow camelias or azaleas. I have a couple of big tubs and I'm looking for a flowering shrub that doesnt need too much looking after



My vote would have to be Azaleas, I find Camellias a bit more fussy, particularly with watering them, whereas Azaleas are a bit more resilient and tolerant to irregular watering. (not that they should be allowed go short of water)

27 May, 2012


I don't think there's much to choose between them, personally - both need ericaceous compost, both don't really need pruning, both do not like to completely dry out, both flower in spring, both prefer a bit of shade. The only difference is size - you can get rhododendron (which they are now all called, although we all know what we mean when we say 'azalea' as opposed to 'rhododendron') varieties which only reach 3 x 3 feet, but a Camellia at maturity will be treelike.

27 May, 2012


Thanks bamboo, I think i'll stick to azaleas. I don't think I
could cope with a big shrub.
Can you help? I have an azalea in a tub by my door, gets sun in morning shade in afternoon. I have loads of leaves on it, but very few flowers. I've had it a few years and it's in ericaceous soil, I feed it with food for erics, it was leggy last year so I cut it back. The leaves are healthy

27 May, 2012


The ericaceous feed you're using, what's the NPK, should be stated on the box somewhere?
HOw long has it been in the same tub, in the same compost?

27 May, 2012


If possible they are better with shade in the early part of the morning as if they are frosted and the sun shines on them before the frost has melted it damages the flower buds. Not that's much help if you haven't got any flower buds, but if you do get some next year bear it in mind.

27 May, 2012


I'm using Miracle-Gro feed for ericaceous plants, and it's been in the same pot for about four years but I top up with ericaceous compost as well. I suppose it is a little exposed in the morning. I might have to move it, but it's pretty next to my front door. It has a bit of shade, but not much.

16 Jun, 2012


It might well need a new pot, but as for the feed, there are at least 3 feeds made by Miracle Gro for ericaceous plants. If the one you're using is a pelleted or granular product, this should only be used once or twice a year, in early spring as growth begins, and again about 6 weeks later, but it does depend which product you've got, some feed for 6 months. If you've been using too much feed, that might account for the lush leaf growth but lack of flowering.

16 Jun, 2012

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